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Birkenstock Men's Women's Shoes, Boots, & Sandals

Birkenstock has revolutionised the footwear industry since its conception in 1774. The brand is committed to creating orthopedically-inspired shoes, which top the market for comfort. In 1896, the master cobbler Konrad Birkenstock began manufacturing flexible footbed insoles - an action that accelerated Birkenstock's long spell of domination in the footwear market. Birkenstock lectured for over 15 years, sharing his concept of custom-made, flexible shoes with others. Birkenstock also began selling licenses to allow others to use his innovative footbed design, which garnered consumer demand at a level previously unfathomed. In 1925 Birkesntock scaled-up his operation by purchasing a larger factory in Friedelberg. Birkenstock has now been established for centuries, never ceasing to innovate and impress.

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Not only did Konrad Birkenstock sell the licence to his designs, but he also educated people through Birkenstock training courses. After the launch of the course in 1932, over 5000 professionals attended and it was also endorsed by physicians. It is this famous knowledge and innovation which has earned Birkenstock its place at the forefront of the fashion industry, with its styles unrivaled. 

Here at Shuperb, we offer a variety of the most classic styles: the Birkenstock KAPRUN, Birkenstock BOSTON, and Birkenstock STALON are all ready to handle the harsh demands of the coming winter, sporting muted autumnal colours to style effortlessly. 

Check the KAPRUN for an earthy slipper that is as cozy as it appears, thanks to its lambswool footbed that ices the anatomically-shaped cork latex footbed, and the soft wool felt upper.

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Scope the STALON for a boot purpose-built for trudging through frosty conditions with a robust rubber sole for grip, with a premium design that closely resembles the classic Chelsea boot silhouette.

When it comes to Birkenstock there are three principles that are stamped into the company's motto, which are: comfort, for those looking for health benefits; style, for the fashion conscious; and value for money, for the everyman that takes pride in caring for their esteemed footwear. 

It is little wonder that Birkenstock has captured the hearts and minds of generations throughout time.