Wrangler is a brand that promotes American freedom. It represents the people who work hard and have fun, and it recognises the importance of people's individualities. The brand is based on respect - respect for themselves and respect for others. They believe in handling obstacles and challenges with dignity and perseverance, and this comes through in their work wear. All of their products can definitely rise to any occasion or terrain. The people who built Wrangler, wear Wrangler. Shop our range of men's and women's boots now, and never look back.

 In 1947, Wrangler made western jeans that were specially designed by a professional rodeo cowboy. Even during those times, Wrangler products were recognised for their durability and quality. This is no different today. Wrangler quickly became the first, and only, western wear brand to be recognised by the Pro Rodeo Cowboy Association. Today, Wrangler is recognised for its cowboy boots too, and we are proud to stock a wide range of styles.

 Wrangler's footwear has the same reputation as its clothes. Their shoes are all made with denim performance at their core, which ensures that each shoe is durable and comfortable without compromising on style. Our featured style is the men's Texas II Hi boot. The genuine leather uppers are breathable and hard-wearing, while the vintage stitch design adds flair to any outfit. We've got these in Black, Tan or Dark Brown, so you can pick a colour that will match your wardrobe. You can't go wrong with these!