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Steptronic Men's Classy Shoes & Boots

Heralded as Drapers’ Men’s Footwear Brand of the Year in 2016, Steptronic have won acclaims for their innate ability to combine a classy style, with ultra-comfortable shoes. It is not a surprise, then, that the brand has become one of the fastest growing international footwear brands – amassing a customer base in 30 countries, and over 3000 High Street & online outlets.

The brand does not compromise on its quality, insisting on the finest-quality materials to construct their shoes, from their 100% genuine rubber soles, to their luxurious sheepskin linings which enclose your foot in a cove of warmth. With a Steptronic shoe your feet are standing on supple insoles purpose-built to effortlessly absorb each step, keeping your walks lightweight and all the more enjoyable.

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Boasting an accomplished legacy of 100 years, Steptronic have not taken the fast route to success, but have placed their faith in their loyal customers to return for more style-ready products.

The company invest greatly in R&D, which can be seen in their invention of the integrated flex system that allows you to walk without the worry of creasing the shoe – a worry for anyone investing their hard-earned money into a well-crafted piece of footwear! This innovative technology allows the shoe to bend 90-degrees.


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Steptronic manufacture their shoes with a wider 'G' fit as standard, allowing for more room for your foot to wiggle and stretch, so you no longer have to feel trapped in your shoes.

Stocking styles such as the premium-looking Chelsea boots like the Steptronic GLOBE, which features a premium genuine leather upper for looking like money in smart-casual situations. Or perhaps the Steptronic GLENEAGLES derby shoe, no matter what your style there will be a suitable Steptronic shoe for you to dress-up.