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Shop Mens Birkenstock Slippers

Browse through our men's Birkenstock slippers collection. Made to be extremely comfortable and stylish, check out our Birkenstock AMSTERDAM Unisex Felt Mule Slippers Anthracite

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Men's Birkenstock Slippers

Browse through our men's Birkenstock slippers collection. Made to be extremely comfortable and stylish, all Birkenstock has therapeutic and breathable properties, to keep your feet feeling fresh and healthy. Birkenstock has only recently released their Slippers collection made to be extremely comfortable and relaxing as their slippers mould to the shape of your feet. 

Birkenstock history dates back to 1774 in Germany, Hesse. Church records indicate, Johann Adam Birkenstock was a master cobbler who fixed and made shoes for a living for the townsfolk of Hesse. Over 100 years later in 1896, Konrad Birkenstock invented a flexible footbed which revolutionises how comfy shoes could be. As a result, Konrad began travelling around the German and Austrian empire for 15 years doing specialised lectures to cobblers and shoemakers, sharing his discovering

By the late 20th century, Birkenstock is now one of the world's best-known shoe manufacturers placing an importance of foot health care and released multiple documents and boots on why shoes have a major factor on this. By 2014, Birkenstock is one of the biggest footwear manufacturers in the world, known for their specialised sandals that have therapeutic properties to increase blood flow around your feet.

Check out our Birkenstock AMSTERDAM Unisex Felt Mule Slippers Anthracite. The first slippers Birkenstock has ever released, these slip on mule slippers have a soft luxurious felt upper with a soft suede leather footbed which traditionally moulds to the shape of your feet. These Amsterdam slippers are perfect to wear around the house, whether it be pottering around in the garden or relaxing on the soft, these felt slippers will ensure your feet stay comfy, warm and healthy. 

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