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If we sneak peek into the history of shoes, we would have to go back 15,000 years ago when humans made shoes out of animal skin and fur. We would come across the sandal, one of oldest crafted footwear that is known to us, dating back to the ancient Greeks. As we would travel more, we would run into the moccasins that were mainly worn by the existing tribes, and the Venetian chopines that were an essential accessory in the 15th century. Each era had its own history and inventions that left a permanent mark on humankind, whether it was a scientific discovery, technological innovation or something revolutionary like the production of an item of clothing. The item that marked the 20th century, without doubt and hesitation, was the sneaker. A light, comfortable shoe that got its name because it is so quiet that a person wearing it could easily sneak up on someone. As walking became a popular recreation, the more comfortable shoes were on demand. Robert Greenberg was one of the few who realized that the world would be a happier place if people wore shoes that were stylish but comfortable at the same time. And he was right!

A multi-million leader in the footwear industry with over 3,000 styles of shoes, Skechers is an international trendsetter that is primarily known for its athletic shoes. But the rise to fame did not happen overnight. Robert Greenberg was the founding father of L.A. Gear, a fast-selling label that was bringing $900 million in sales. When many unfortunate events took place, Robert, along with his son, were forced to leave the company along with everything they had created. As a true inventor, creator, and visionary, in 1992 Robert founded the global leader in footwear that we know today, Skechers. The big breakthrough came with the introduction of the Chrome Dome, an urban footwear that became highly popular with the "grunge" youth. In 1997, the company experienced an extraordinary growth when it expanded its sales to overseas markets. The label went from being a domestic American company to an international, influential, and dynamic powerhouse. The fundamental element that had the key role in the company's impressive success was their marketing strategy, led by Robert and his son. They were guided by the notion that a company would never survive in the aggressive world of retail without the right ad campaign that will bring brand recognition. 

Skechers Technology

Skechers work technology is a distinctive one. The Work Electrical Hazard footwear protects the wearer from electrically energized objects. It is the slip-resistant soles, together with the enhanced grip technology, that help the wearer to stay firmly on the ground and offer prevention from slipping in a wet environment. Moreover, the steel toe technology of the footwear meets the standards for impact and compression, making this brand even more superior. The extreme comfort of the sneakers is due to its wide width, while the waterproof technology keeps the feet dry on a bad weather. The lightweight alloy safety toe and the non-metallic composite toe technology offer protection, flexibility, and great comfort. Never worry about the weather conditions because Skechers offers shoe models for every season of the year. If you are a hip and laid-back person who loves to stay modern, then try one of the many casual-styled sneakers, sandals and bobs that are perfect for long walks in the warmer days. If you are trying to stay fit and enjoy recreational jogging in the park, Skechers offer a great variety of sport shoes for each taste. However, once winter arrives and temperatures drop, do not despair! Sketchers cares for you and the winter boots are an actual proof. You can easily get them in stores or online, available in different colours, sizes and styles.

Celebrities In Skechers

Skechers owes its success mainly to its clever marketing strategy that involves TV and magazine ads, compliments that come with the purchase, and the many exhibitions the brand has had so far, all in order to promote the label and to acquire global recognition. As many other power companies, Skechers frequently uses well-known celebrities to help maintain its fashion-forward reputation that the label obtained over the years. Many celebrities, like Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and Carrie Underwood, appeared as the brand's endorsers. Demi Lovato was featured in a Skechers Burst commercial and she also collaborated on a collection of sneakers. Being a leader in the athletic footwear, celebrities like the elite runner Meb Keflezighi who won the Boston Marathon in 2014 and the former quarterback Joe Namath, were both part of the marketing strategy. The top-quality brand has also signed Ringo Starr, Meghan Trainor, Kelly Brook, and Sugar Ray Leonard. 

Run In Skechers

One of the features that this remarkable label is famously known for is its photo luminescent technology that makes the sneakers glow in low light conditions. The collection of glowing-in-the-dark sneakers is called Skechers Night Owl and is ideal for night runners. The collection is made by lightweight synthetic fabric and flatlock stitching detail that offers more comfortable wear. Another model that has increased the company's sales is the Skechers GoRun footwear. The sneakers are made for long-distance running and are extremely light, flexible and comfortable. The model features a patented midfoot-strike-encouraging rocker and minimalist geometry with additional cushioning underfoot. Furthermore, we have another model that is quite unique and top-quality, named Skechers Shape-Ups.

The Shape-Ups feature a big wedge of material under the heel in order to enhance the natural walking and to absorb shock. It also helps stimulate the muscles, tighten the abs and offers balance training. The sole comprises three layers with a firm midsole that offers support, comfort, and flexibility. The model can prevent fatigue and is perfect for people who must stand for long hours each day. The Go Flex is another great model. The distinctive sole design of the shoes provide ultra-flexibility, firmness and comfort. It is a slip-on model that features Goga Mat technology for better comfort and rebound cushioning. The flexible rubber sole provides durability and stability, whilst the Resalyte outsole helps absorb impact. The Boston Marathon champion Meb Keflezighi gave his name to a resilient and high quality collection called Skechers GoMeb. The footwear is made to take runners to great distances by being made with no extra material nor extra weight that could slow the runner down. It is a racing footwear that features synthetic and shock absorbing midsole. The stability Plate material is midfoot offers support and a secure run, while the interior microfiber lining maximizes comfort. If you're looking for a great value for less money, then GoBionic is the right footwear for you. GoBionic is cheaper than the other models and is definitely worth considering. It is a light shoe thanks to a super-bendy rubber sole that provides a lightweight movement and flexibility. It is a barefoot style shoe with a minimalistic design that offers the wearer a comfortable feel while running.

If people from our distant past could sneak peek into the future, they would be stunned by our advanced and sophisticated way of life. They would notice how comfortable and pleasant our lives have become due to the constant advances in science and technology. They would be amazed by how determined we are to defy life threatening diseases and how greatly accustomed we have become to living in a free world with nothing to hold us down. They would see how aware we are of our fragility and that we would make any moment count. But most of all, they will notice our happiness and freedom. The freedom to choose the life we want to lead and the people we want to become. After observing us for some time, they will come to the realization that all humankind has one thing in common: each of us will leave a mark. Just like Robert Greenberg did. He took advantage of his creative, inventive and business skills to improve the world of footwear. He and his team created thousands of pieces of shoes and they have successfully upgraded the footwear industry. Their impressive marketing strategy featured powerful commercials that increased the support, approval and the status of the company. Skechers contracted powerful celebrity endorsers who are a great role model to all generations. The label supported and encouraged people to stay active, fit and healthy by producing footwear that is a great necessity to them. Skechers are not only a million-dollar brand but also a powerhouse that will never stop caring for its clients by taking their needs into consideration and offering them a healthy, prosperous and a fulfilled life.