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A high quality, comfortable range of performance footwear like no other, Skechers trainers.

Whether your Skechers are for walking, running or sports, there's endless styles to choose from.

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Skechers, a brand like no other when it comes to performance footwear, ideal for any occasion. Whether you’re in a Go Walk or a Sweetpea, each and every style from Skechers is individually and uniquely designed whilst packed full of technology to ensure nothing but excellence and undeniable comfort within every step you take.

From the globally known styles like the Go Run and Flex Appeal to the more unique range's such as the Divergent, there is a pair of Skechers to fit every activity or occasion from walking to dancing and even as far as lounging around the house in. All packed full with endless technology ensuring only the highest of performance footwear, it's no wonder that Skechers is household name for many around the world.

A range of footwear made for men, women and children, Skechers take every aspect of design and development into consideration with each pair of shoes from the technology included to the colours and patterns used to ensure that the trainers they provide are delivering nothing but excellence to each and every customer. With such a diverse and unique collection to choose from, you're sure to find something perfect to suit you from Skechers.

With over 2000 stores, Skechers is a globally known company, with a reputation for being number 1 in the performance footwear industry. Whether it's shoes for running, walking or just general exercise, Skechers are the brand to get you through, supporting your feet in all kinds of conditions. Shop an extensive collection of Skechers trainers here at Shuperb... 

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Shop Skechers GO WALK

The Skechers Go Walk collection... A range of footwear made specifically to enhance your walking experience, whether its from the indescribable comfort or the technology in the shoes keeping feet breathable and fresh. Shop the range of colours, styles and designs here at Shuperb!

Shop Skechers GO RUN

Any single pair of the Go Run collection makes for the perfect accompaniment whether it be on a night time jog or competitive sprinting. From breathable uppers to durable yet flexible soles, find the perfect pair to suit you and choose from a range of carefully developed styles and designs.

Shop Skechers FLEX APPEAL

The Flex Appeal collection does what it says on the tin, provides flexible footwear keeping feet comfortable and free moving throughout the day, perfect for a range of activities and occasions whether it be running, walking or day to day duties like shopping. Shop the collection here at Shuperb.

Shop Flip Flops and Sandals From Skechers

Ideal for the summer months, shop the range of Skechers flip flops and sandals, made to keep feet fresh and breathable. Perfect for numerous occasions such as walking down the beach or a casual trip to the shops, you can wear your sandals or flip flops wherever you want to. Shop the range here!