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Originating in 1997 from sunny southern California influenced by street and surfing styles.

Created for the youthful, fashion conscious female, Rocket Dog will give you that perfect laid back Californian style. 

Rocket Dog create a wide range of lovingly designed foot wear perfect for any occasion whilst still maintaining styles influenced from all around the globe. Products are beautifully crafted with in-sole fabric, buckles, bows, eyelets, laces along with various finishing touches to ensure the best possible footwear option that will always be your go-to shoe. 

With a range of style options ranging from sneakers for an energetic run on the beach or heels for a more sophisticated touch, Rocket Dog will have a pair of shoes perfect for you. 

Using the highest quality materials. Rocket Dog provide nothing but comfort whilst maintaining a fashionable product bursting with personality that any young woman would be proud to wear. Encapsulating the Californian lifestyle Rocket Dog have risen to be the globally recognised footwear brand it is today with influences from the Western Coast and countries such as Germany, Scandinavia, France and Greece, to name a few.

Whilst striving on design and style, Rocket dog also create key styles of footwear which include shoes, boots, pumps and wedges suitable for a range of activities giving you options for any occasion.