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History Of Kickers

Youth movements had a significant impact on societies around the world, greatly influencing people's ideals, beliefs, attitudes, and their fashion. One of those notable movements was the hippie subculture that emerged in the 1960's. Hippies opposed established institutions, criticised middle class values, disapproved of nuclear weapon, but embraced sexual liberation, supported arts and favoured world peace. They explored alternative states of consciousness and found expression in music, literature, movies and shows. Amongst those musical shows that were a product of the hippie subculture in the 1960's is the musical show 'Hair'. Born out of protest, this revolutionary masterpiece portraits the story regarding a number of pacifists who rebel against the Vietnam War that condemned many of their peers to a most certain death. It is a rock musical that exquisitely depicts hippie's free spirit, open-mindedness, acceptance of all races and their unconventional way of dressing. 'Hair' inspired many people around the world and helped them to achieve great things. One of those people was the Frenchman Daniel Raufast who got so drawn to the musical's poster that advertised the show so that he created a new shoe concept. Influenced by the barefoot hippies wearing jeans on the poster, he contacted a designer-in-the rising named Jacques Chevallereau and together they masterfully designed the first 'jean boot' and founded a widely known company called Kickers. 

The radical style of this new type of footwear also depicted the revolutionary spirit of the French students and it instantly became well-liked with the individuals who paid tribute to the 'love and world peace' movement. By 1970's, Kickers were selling in over 70 countries, becoming insanely popular with the British, but with the rest of the world as well. Kickers were slowly making their way into becoming an icon of music, sports and fashion. Regarding the world of music, the brand was a part of many trance music events, acid house, indie, UK garage, RnB, pop, and hip hop. They sponsored many cultural events and became mainstream with the youths. The age of Kickers was referred to as the 'Renaissance of shoes'. 

Celebrities in Kickers

Celebrities soon adopted the brand and the footwear could be seen in many music videos, ads, concerts and shows. Kickers promoted independence, freedom, open-mindedness, and authenticity that pushed people to proudly wear the shoes as a symbol of their unique looks, sophisticated way of thinking and great taste in music. Being available worldwide, Kickers offers all styles of footwear for men, women and children. They're made from nubuck leather and feature contrasting stitches, appliqués, and panels, making the shoes very distinctive, unique and comfortable. The image of Kickers today is the same as it ever was, offering a wide range of footwear in all sizes and colours that brings happiness and optimism into people's lives.

How Are Kickers Made?

With their rebellious attitude, Kickers managed to maintain its reputation and popularity over the course of 40 years. In order to keep its world recognition and consistency, the brand insured its customers that there's more to the shoe than just good looks and notable history. Designed with the ultimate care, the shoes are also very comfortable and beneficial to the wearer. When it comes to Kickers, style and comfort go hand in hand. The label uses the micro fresh technology that makes the footwear odour and bacteria-free. The shoes feature a cushion foam that offers significant cushioning under the feet, making the footwear comfy, squishy, and long-standing. Don't ever worry about the durability and the good looks of the shoes because the leather contains a thick abrasion resistant coating that will forever protect your most-loved footwear. With Kickers, you can dance the night away at the club, stand on your feet for hours while working, walk in the park on sunny days, and stay active all throughout the year. Why? Because the shock-absorbing outer sole combined with the cushion foam underfoot provides the ultimate comfort and care for your feet. Walk on every surface and explore every landscape knowing that with Kickers your feet are save and your day will be just wonderful. 

Why Wear Kickers Boots & Shoes?

The footwear is also very beneficial to your children. Protect their little feet by buying Kickers children footwear that is extremely lightweight, properly sized and comfy. Say goodbye to blisters, bruises, swelling, pain and discomfort because Kickers promotes healthy growth in the feet, good hygiene, and absolute flexibility. Don't hesitate anymore, you're only a click away from getting your children the most beneficial footwear that is extra fun, secure and offers better overall fit. Kickers provides models for every season and occasion. The footwear is a lover of long walks on the beach, winter promenades in the park, art galleries, music shows, hiking … you name it! They're always here to bring sophistication, inspiration, motivation and comfort to your life. Get your hands on the Kickers buckle-up sandals, on-trend cut-out boots, grungy-looking shoes, wintery boots, and many more models that will never disappoint. Regardless of what your passions, goals or thrives in life are, Kickers is always here to support you. 

From 1969 and onwards, Kickers remains a symbol of youth movements, freedom and style. The hippies inspired Daniel but Daniel and his team inspired millions of freedom seeking individuals. People from all countries owned a pair of Kickers to make a fashion statement and to show their support to all the youth movements in the world. The footwear was favoured by singers, dancers, sportsmen, and many artists. People would wait in line for hours just to get their hands on this distinguished footwear. During the 1970's, amongst Kickers fans were many famous names that greatly influenced music such as Elton John, Davie Bowie and Roger Daltrey. In the 1980's, it was artists like The Stone Roses and Jan Brown who could be spotted wearing a pair of their favourite Kickers. Kickers continued to influence musicians like Oasis, The Arctic Monkeys, and Jarvis Cocker who paved the way for the brand into becoming an important part of popular culture today. The footwear has been an inseparable part of countless cultural events, music festivals, concerts and gatherings. Kickers today offers many new styles to its fans while staying true to its origins. The quality is still good as it ever was, the designs are undoubtedly unique, and the popularity of the shoes is constantly on the rise. 

Popular Kickers Styles

Kickers has always been dedicated to pleasing the whole family by designing classic and comfortable models that bring happiness and joy to each member. One of the models that fits this description is surely the Kickers Kick Hi footwear. An iconic model with remarkable reputation that is available in a whole range of colours and shades. Firstly produced in 1975, the boots are Kickers most popular design that takes a special place in the brand's history. Favoured by many musicians, these ankle boots feature a padded lining for comfort and leather upper with triple stitch detail all throughout. Kickers Kick Hi feature durable leather uppers and a tough sole that is shock absorbent and wearable on rough and uneven surfaces. So if you're looking for a classic look that shows off rock'n'roll legacy in its design, then this is the right model for you. The lining and the padded insole help your feet breathe and stay comfortable. The 5-eyelet lace-up fastening together with the trademark chunky sole offer support and flexibility. Available in black, red, dark tan, and blue, the boots can be worn anywhere and styled with different outfits. Ideal for school, walks, and hikes, the boots will keep you warm, dry and secure. Can it get any better than this? Yes it can! Kickers cares about its customers and that is why they designed a shoe version of the classic Kick Hi boot called Kickers Kick Lo. Fascinating! They feature all the classic Kickers details but are half the height. This easy-to-wear model comprises adjustable strap with buckle and padded lining that makes the shoes practical and comfortable. The super tough upper leather is scrape-resistant and offers durability and flexibility. The chunky rubber soles are slip-resistant and that is why the shoes are wearable on any weather. Kickers Kick Lo come with triple stitching detailing, leather fleurette, and Kickers logo. But there is more to it. Kickers Kick Lo has fancy twists which give us Kick Lo Brogue and Kick Lo Aztec. The Kick Lo Brogue features bold brogue detailing, over sized punch holes, quality leather upper and a chunky rubber outsole. The Kick Lo Aztec is the perfect footwear for casual occasions. It features a T-bar strap with buckle, scuff resistant leather upper and padded lining. Do you still need convincing or are you now well-aware of these remarkable models that will bring comfort, happiness and adventure to your life? 

Carry On Kicking...Kickers!

Just like Margaret Mead once said: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed individuals can change the world”. And history has proven this so many times. It was the social, political and cultural movements that shaped the world that we know today. They changed societies, introduced new ways of thinking, criticized established institutions, influenced the arts, fought for freedom, human rights, love and world peace. Their legacy is so vast and oh so valuable. It was hard to resist not to be taken away by their energy, charm, spirit and creativity. Daniel Raufast was one of those individuals who just couldn't resist. Inspired by the barefoot hippies, he created the remarkable ankle boot that we still wear today. History is just a chain of events that are intertwined with each other just like the hippie subculture is intertwined with Kickers, and Kickers is intertwined with the many musical events, genres, and fashion movements that followed. So when you ask yourself why I should invest in a part, the answer is loud and clear. You should invest in a pair ONLY if you help protect the environment, accept people different from you, appreciate the arts and have the courage to speak against the government. Kick off the negativity, frustration, sadness and prejudice out of your life. Embrace your inner hippie and make this world a better place.