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History Of Crocs

Countless historic events have shaped our history, if truth be told, actually involved watercrafts. Let's take the ancient Egyptians for starters. They extensively utilised boats for transportation of massive blocks that were used in the construction of the pyramids. The Viking tribes managed to find England and raid the Holy Island of Lindisfarne in 793 by sailing the North Sea on their masterfully built long ships. In 1492 the explorer Columbus reached the Americas and that marked the expansion of the European Age of exploration and colonization. These water-borne vehicles brought breakthrough and recognition to many people. Amongst those people are the three friends Scott Seamans, Lyndon Hanson and George Boedecker. They started by sharing a common passion for sailing that led to the sharing of a high-grossing footwear company. The unveiling of the company's first model at the Fort Lauderdale boat show in 2002 proudly introduced the Crocs, a lightweight boat shoe that floats.


Truth is, people never stopped exploring. Not even the inventive founders of Crocs. They explored the aggressive market and created an internationally known label, a leader in innovative casual footwear for men, women and children. Their originality, creativity and artisanal skills designed the lightweight, slip-resistant and functional shoe that is available at an affordable price. A Quebec-located company by the name of Foam Creations that was making practical boating clogs got to their attention, so they unanimously decided to sell the product on the market. The right for these rubber-soled boat shoes was acquired and they were named Crocs, a strong, long-lasting footwear that is comfortable and wearable both on water and on land. 

Health Benefits Of Crocs

What Crocs fall short of in appearance, they make up in remedial benefits. The shoes are primarily intended to relief pain and help people with foot problems. The inner support, the heel cups, together with the arch support and the added strap make these shoes beneficial, pain-relieving, and medically recommended. Long-standing shoes for long-standing hours! The healthy shoes offer protection to doctors, hikers, boaters, and restaurant workers by reducing back and leg pain. People with diagnosed diabetes find Crocs very helping due to its antibacterial properties.

It's an orthotic and medical-type shoe that eases the movement, offers support and provides health care. The clogs are spotted everywhere. On beaches, boats, hospitals, and even in Hollywood. If you wonder how come they are so well taken by customers, the list of reasons is long and detailed. They are resistant to bacteria and odour, they are slip-resistant, ultra-hip and easy to maintain.

Furthermore, they promote blood circulation in the feet and feature portholes that offer plenty of breathing room. Try on a pair and feel the weight off your feet! As a frontrunner in the industry of comfortable footwear, the company sells its products in more than 90 countries in the world with the help of more than 5,000 employees worldwide. The brand proudly confirmed that more than 300 million pairs of Crocs were sold to date. The company is eco-friendly and environmentally-conscious. Each pair of Crocs is made by reused scrap material and a formal rubber-recycling program was introduced at their production companies. Through the usage of water-based adhesives, the company is aiming to reduce the organic chemicals emissions and to save energy. Their technology entails application of restricted substances standards while the hazardous waste is disposed through approved disposal systems.

The brand focuses on water reduction, low-environmental impact materials and collaborates with companies that share the same eco-friendly goals. Many companies around the world design footwear, but not all of them are there with care. In addition to being beneficial, the brand is being giving as well. Crocs collaborates with organizations that provide support to low-income families and to critically-ill children. The company is giving back to the community by signing a partnership with the Breast Cancer Welfare Organization and by sponsoring many fundraisers in order to help those in need.

Celebrities In Crocs

Trends are unpredictable but usually someone always drives them. And who else to do that better than celebrities? Celebrities' endorsements build brand awareness, attract new customers and influence consumer purchases. Many hip stars like Rihanna, Steven Tyler, Jack Nicholson, Sacha Baron Cohen, Tom Brady … they've all recognized the brand's high quality and medical benefits. Even celebrities' children are totally in love with the shoes! Sarah Jessica Parker's son, Halle Berry's and Heidi Klum's daughters have been spotted wearing their favourite Crocs . Sharon Stone's, Jennifer Gardner's and Angelina Jolie's kids also know what type of footwear is most comfortable for their fun activities in the park. The company's been selling millions of pairs annually and amongst those consumers is the British Royal Family itself. Prince George was seen wearing a pair of Crocs at his dad's polo match. How utterly adorable is that?

How Crocs Sandals Are Made

A pair of Crocs contains up to 50 different materials. However, the primary material that is being used in the production of Crocs is the Croslite, a soft and durable material. Thanks to this raw material, the footwear is slip-resistant, lightweight and resistant to bacteria. The properties of the Croslite material offer the wearer a non-marking, odour-resistant and a highly comfortable pair of long-standing shoes. The company also uses leather and textile materials in its production. The most comfortable shoes you will ever have are made entirely out of reused materials with low environmental impact. As an environmentally conscious brand, the company is working hard to decrease the use of toxin materials and increase the usage of reused scrap material. The company follows strict standards when it comes to handling its toxic materials, which they dispose through approved disposal systems.

Most Popular Crocs Styles

Each company has its own breakthrough model that brought in all the success and world recognition. A model that is so special and remarkable that holds a special place in the heart of the company. The masterpiece of the company! For Crocs, that masterpiece is the Crocs Classic. A durable, multi-purpose, non-slipping footwear that is popular with water-sports enthusiasts, hikers, medical professionals and fashion consumers. It's an iconic, classic and signature clog shoe that features a slip-on design, loose fit and a Crocs strap that increases support and performance. Perfect for sunny summery days at the beach or for your long-planned cruising trip. Beneficial for hard-working mums, loving dads, and their curious children. They are unisex shoes that are family-friendly, water-friendly and eco-friendly. And friendliness lasts forever! So do Crocs Classic. They have an airy, roomy and warm weather design that comes in all sizes and colours. Fascinating, isn't it? The following signature model features an open-back and strap closure, a built-in footbed that promotes blood circulation and comfortable design. You guessed right, it's the Crocs Baya.

Get your Crocs Baya and let's go to the playa! The model follows the clog silhouette that offers a loose fit and allows the feet to bend naturally. It reduces fatigue and it increases energy. The Crocs Baya are made of Croslite material and are perfect for holiday getaways for the whole family that shares a love for travel and love for comfort. If you're looking for a natural summer look and a sporty performance design, then definitely take a look at the Crocs Yukon model. An athletic shoe that offers loose fit design, multiple ports for ventilation, and Croslite uppers for a sophisticated comfort. Put your Crocs Yukon on and experience the world with a healthy pair of feet. The slip-resistant and odour-resistant footwear is easy to clean, recyclable and durable. If you a lover of long walks, run to the nearest store and get your Yukon Sport Crocs!  A stylish and comfortable model that is known for breathability, traditionally comfortable design and loose fit. Made with Croslite material, the shoes feature a leather upper and a neutral colour combination. Take the easier road and buy your favourite model today. Let Crocs light up the fun and colour your world with happiness.

Long Live Crocs

Let's pretend for a quick moment that Crocs were invented centuries ago. Do you think the ancient Egyptians would have built more World Wonders if they had Crocs Yukon on? Or what if the English monks were wearing Crocs Classic during the raid of the Vikings? Would have they managed to survive the attack? What if good old Columbus had invested in a comfortable, navy-blue pair of Crocs Baya? Do you think he would have discovered more continents? Probably not, but let's look at the bigger picture. All these historic and remarkable people had one thing in common. They were all comfortable in their own shoes! Each one of them had their own vision, mission, way of life and goals to fulfil. And it really took them long distances. So why don't you be more like Columbus and explore the world! Seize the day and bring fun, colour and success to your life. Take risks, travel more, laugh out loud, meet new people, make memories and love your family. Croc, croc! Who's there? It's the happiest footwear in the entire expending universe that will never go extinct. Live long and Croc on!