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The year is 1774. Louis XVI becomes King of France while the British Government passes the Boston Port Act as a punishment for the Boston Tea Party. The English explorer James Cook becomes the first European to spot the island of New Caledonia and the element oxygen is discovered and named. In that same year, when many noteworthy events that changed our history happened, a German cobbler named Johann Birkenstock created the first pair of Birkenstock shoes.



Today the brand is worldly-known for its top-quality, eco-friendly and long-standing footwear whose reputation did not happen overnight. Johann, who was working as a shoe maker in the agricultural village of Langen-Bergheim, was the visionary and the creator, but it would be his grandson named Konrad Birkenstock who would turn a simple artisanal skill into a 230 year old tradition of shoe making. In 1897 he would invent the first contoured shoe last in order to create customized footwear for his clients. He was an inventor and footwear pioneer who introduced the customized footbed insoles into the world. Konrad disregarded the conventional technique of making footwear and launched the curved soles that were highly comfortable, distinctive and well-crafted. Konrad would go on to promote his ideas into the world and would even manufacture footwear for wounded soldiers during the WW1. It is when Konrad Birkenstock Junior joins the family business that the first factory in Friedberg is opened. The main product that is still known and sold to this day: The Blue Footbed, orthotic arch supports. The Birkenstocks, slowly but steadily, became groundbreakers, masterminds of the contemporary shoe designs that never fail to amaze. The Blue Footbed was only a commencement. Many more designs and patents will follow, including "The Birkenstock Fussbett", "Birko-Sport", "Tatami", "Papillio", "Betula", "EVA Sandal" and countless more. 

Birkenstock Footbed

How Birkenstock Sandals Are Made

Each Birkenstock model is made entirely from natural and renewable materials. The models incorporate a molded cork and rubber hybrid footbed that provides easier movement, reduces pain and offers major comfort. As we previously stated, the most notable feature of this brand is its original and patented footbed that offers orthopedic benefits to its wearers. The footbed features a toegrip that allows free movement of the foot and a cross arch support that adjusts the pressure from the middle to the front of the foot. Moreover, the inner and outer arch supports provide firmness for the heel, while the deep heel cup gives the foot a stable hold. So if you are looking for a pair of shoes that are easy on the eyes, casual-looking, easy to wear and beneficial to your feet, then Birkenstock is the ideal footwear for you.

Why Buy Birkenstock Sandals

The Birkenstock sandals are ideal for walks on the beach, perfect to wear around the house, essential when it comes to travelling and frequently featured at the fashion shows around the world. Although the sandal is their most distinctive model, one would also find a variety of orthopedic shoes, clogs, and boots as part of their catalogues. Never ever worry about the weather because the sandals look even better when paired with a cute pair of socks. However, once the season of closed shoes begins, one can easily survive the chillier days by trying on the Birkenstock boots and leather shoes. And the best part: it is all made by the newest technology possible that focuses on environmental protection. The technology that is being used while producing these exclusive models is ecofriendly, energy-saving, and energy-efficient. The company is a trendsetter that is environmentally conscious, decreasing energy consumption of machinery. The shoe manufacturing brand is well-known for its implementation of environment-friendly power generating plants, large combined heat and power plants and the continuous improvement of production techniques. Furthermore, 95% of the used adhesives are environment-friendly and the low-waste production is a main guideline.

You know how they say, you are never fully dressed without …. a pair of Birkenstocks. Even celebrities and designers have laid their eyes on them. But how can you blame them?  With their comfort, never-fading style and long tradition, the shoes have become a must-have. The shoes were described as comfortable, hippie, orthopedic, but it wasn't until the 1990s that they were named fashionable as well. The whole credit goes to the powerful spread in the magazine The Face when Kate Moss appeared wearing a baggy sweater, bikini bottom and a pair of Birkenstock sandals. Since then, the shoes have been a part of many runway shoes including Calvin Klein, Mark Jacobs, Givenchy, J. Crew and many more. Many celebrities followed the steps of Britain's greatest model Kate Moss and purchased their own pair of Birkenstocks.

Celebrities Wearing Birkenstock's

So now every time you would be wearing a pair of Birkenstocks, just remember that Leonardo DiCaprio, the Olsen twins, Julianne Moore, Cara Delevingne, Drew Barrymore, Candice Swanepoel, Naomi Watts, Jessica Alba, Heidi Klum, Rihanna … they all support your decision and your way of style. However, this exclusive brand would not have been worldly known if it wasn't for this woman called Margot Fraser, born in Germany but married in the United States. She was so fascinated by the healing power of the footwear that she rushed to contact Karl Birkenstock and offered to import his sandals to the United States. The rest is history characterized by nothing else but success. At the very start, the shoes were mainly worn by hippies and preppies but in the last few decades they have become something they weren't before: they have become cool. For celebrity endorsements, the brand contracted Whoopie Goldberg, Cindy Crawford, Gwyneth Paltrow and the company also invited Heidi Klum to model the Birkenstocks and create her own limited line of shoes. The bloggers have a crush on the Birkenstocks as well. Leandra Medine from the Men Repeller and Alexa Chung can often be seen wearing their own pair of Arizonas. The increased level of demand is a convincing proof that the Birkenstocks are here to stay.

Birkenstock was one of the first brands to start introducing the eco-friendly technology and advanced recycling systems. The materials that are used in the making of the footwear are all high-quality and offer great comfort. One of the main materials is leather which offers longevity, quality, and sophistication. There are many different types of used leather such as smooth leather, embossed, natural, waxy, metallic, nubuck, and suede leather. The Birkenstocks are also often made by cork, an elastic material that offers orthopedic benefits to the foot. The flexibility of the footbed is achieved by the use of latex, a natural polymer that has a large stretch ratio and high resilience. The culprit for the durability of the footbed is the jute, natural and soft vegetable fiber, the second most used after cotton. Besides the natural materials, the brand also uses synthetic upper materials such as polyurethane, ethyl vinyl acetate, and microfiber. Even though the Birkenstock family in the 18th century were producing shoes, today this exclusive brand is best known for its two-strap Arizona sandal that offers great comfort and sophistication. If you are a natural leather in metallic lover, or a suede leather in taupe admirer, there is a shoe model for each taste. And they go well with jeans, casual dresses, shorts, skirts, and even bikinis. Another model worth mentioning are the Amsterdam clogs. If you are a fan of the bright colors that make a statement, this is your lucky day. The brand offers clogs in bordeaux, apple, coral, petrol, purple and many more. The thong sandal is another distinctive model that dates back from the 1982 when five different styles are registered. Today the thong sandal remains a leading trend in comfortable shoes with a variety of colors and styles.

Long Live Birkenstock

The year is 2016.  Louis XVI is long gone, having suffered a terrifying death in 1793 in the midst of the French Revolution. The United States are no longer a British colony but a federal republic, one of the most powerful forces in the world. James Cook, who was killed in Hawaii, left a legacy of scientific and geographical knowledge which was a great influence to his successors. The element oxygen became the element that supports life, and without it, the human life is doomed to perish. Scientists report serious changes in the levels of oxygen due to air pollution, destruction of forests and the greed of man. But the one thing that remained stable after all these years, is the Birkenstock shoe business. Kingdoms came and went, islands were discovered and fought for, thousands of new scientific discoveries were introduced, the human population increased from almost one billion in 1774 to 7.3 billion, but the top-notch brand managed to endure all the difficulties of the past two centuries. So if you are hesitating about getting a pair, just think about their tradition, long history and the influence they have in the world of fashion. There is a model for every taste, and they come in a variety of colors, making this footwear perfect for shoe addicts. Where else would you find shoes that are both modern looking and beneficial to your feet. Not to mention the fact that they are all made from natural and renewable materials that insure longevity and comfort. Value costs but you would be wearing it for decades (and you can even get them repaired if they start to age). So run to the closest store or order them online. Wear them on the beach or wear them while traveling. Let everyone know that you can be super trendy and super careful when it comes to your health. Wear them proudly knowing that no innocent animals were killed and no trees were cut. You are a trendsetter with a clear conscience, great taste and healthy feet that will make a difference into this world. Birkenstocks are forever!