About Birkenstock

In 1774, in the same year when many noteworthy events took place, Johann Birkenstock created the first pair of Birkenstock shoes. Today, with more than 230 years of experience, this exquisite label is known for its top-quality, highly comfortable and ultra-luxurious footwear. And the best thing? Each Birkenstock model is made entirely from natural and renewable materials! It is all made by the newest technology possible that focuses on environmental protection. The technology that is being used while producing these exclusive models is eco-friendly, energy-saving, and energy-efficient. So if you are looking for a pair of shoes that are easy on the eyes, casual-looking, easy to wear and beneficial to your feet, then Birkenstock is the ideal footwear for you. The best-loved Birkenstock sandals have various twists, including the Mayari and Madrid sandals. 

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Pair these chic and à la Mode thong sandals with a light summer dress and the adventure is ready to begin. Or put on your favourite bikinis and soak up the sun. Perfect to wear on the beach, ideal for around the house, and essential while traveling, these distinctive pair of Birkenstock sandals named Mayari, give a sophisticated touch to every outfit. Elegant and casual, this sandal features adjustable straps, smooth lining and a fabric toe-loop. Beneficial to the feet, this exquisite sandal is also orthopaedic, therapeutic, and offers easier movement. As every other Birkenstock model, the sandal features the classic foot bed that offers arch support, deep heel cup, and a roomy toe box. This artisanal foot bed moulds to the shape of your feet, giving the utmost comfort experience. The flexible and shock absorbing EVA outsole offers you security and stability while walking. The upper of the sandal comes in various materials, some of them patented, such as leather, Birko-flor, Birkibuc, and various other synthetic materials. The used leather can come in countless different types like oiled, Amalfi, python, suede leather and others, offering the sandals an elegant look. The well-known Birko-flor is a synthetic material that is both comfortable and tear-resistant. 


On Shuperb, you can easily find your favourite thong model with delicate straps. The distinctive Mayari sandals come in all sizes and colours, and there is something for everyone. Shop your silver or white buckle toe strap sandals and stand out in the crowd. Try the sandals in mocca and be that modish trend-setter who knows what she wants and gets it. Perfect to leave a fashion statement are the Mayari sandals in patent white and in patent black. Anything you want it, Shuperb offers it. Because your wish is our command! This contemporary type of sandal never fails to amaze, offering your feet not only style but also breathability, flexibility and stability. Say ''Auf Wiedersehen'' to blisters, pain, discomfort and swollen feet, and say ''willkommen'' to sophistication, finesse and comfort. Purchase your best-loved model today and prepare to be noticed. 

Shop Birkenstock Madrid

In the 1960's, Karl Birkenstock developed the Madrid sandal, company's first sandal model to be
introduced into the world. This one-strap sandal had a contoured foot bed and instantly became
famous all throughout Europe.

This exclusive brand would not have been worldly known if it wasn't for the Madrid sandal and for this woman called Margot Fraser, born in Germany but married in the United States. She was so fascinated by the healing power of the sandal that she rushed to contact Karl Birkenstock and offered to import his sandals to the United States. The rest is history characterized by nothing else but success. Perfect with casual outfit, and elegant when paired with a chic summer dress, the sandal is suitable for every occasion and style. Featuring the classic Birkenstock foot bed, this model offers arch support, deep heel cup and a roomy toe box. The artisanal foot bed follows the shape of the feet offering stability and comfort. The famous EVA outsole is lightweight, flexible, durable and shock absorbing. The upper of the sandal is made of the finest materials, including Birko-flor, a synthetic material that is comfortable and tear resistant. 

On Shuperb, this historic sandal can be found in all sizes and colours. Try the Madrid Birko-flor sandal in graceful pearl, toffee or silver that is ultra-comfy, super casual and incredibly sophisticated. Perfect for hot summer days and laid-back evenings is the Madrid buckle flat sandal, available in a range of impressive colours like navy, patent tango red, patent dress blue, mocca, patent pink, black, and various other. Shaped to help circulation of blood and improve posture, this sandal offers breathability, durability and stability. And is all made of renewable and eco-friendly materials. So make a purchase today and have the sandal on your doorstep tomorrow. Be a proud trendsetter who loves good quality, sophisticated look and healthy feet. Birkenstock is the new black. 

Celebrities in Birkenstock Sandals

Trends are unpredictable but usually someone always drives them. And who else to do that better than celebrities? Celebrities' endorsements build brand awareness, attract new customers and influence consumer purchases. Many hip stars like Leonardo DiCaprio, the Olsen twins, Julianne Moore, Cara Delevingne, Drew Barrymore, Candice Swanepoel, Naomi Watts, Jessica Alba, Heidi Klum, Rihanna … they've all recognized the brand's high quality and orthopaedic benefits. The bloggers are big fans of Birkenstocks as well. Leandra Medine from the Men Repeller and Alexa Chung can often be seen wearing their own pair of sandals. The increased level of demand is a convincing proof that the Birkenstocks are here to stay.

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