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Salt-Water Sandals was founed in the 1940's. Walter Hoy found a shortage of leather during WW2, which led to him making his own sandals with left over & scrap leather from when the military boots were made. As more people heard what he was doing, the more people wanted him to make sandals for them and their children. Today, Salt Water sandals are still made from durable and comfortable leathers, whilst adapting to and following fashion trends. These sandals are known for their high quality endurance, and they believe that once you're a Salt-Water customer, you always will be. 


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Perfect for both wet and dry conditions, these sandals are coated with a waterproof sealant. Whether it's a sunny day in England or you're away on your summer holidays, these are the ideal sandals to take you from day to night. 

Celebrities around the world have been spotted wearing their Salt-Water Sandals, an obvious favourite for adults and children alike. Uma Thurman, Fearne Cotton and Suri Cruise are some of the more famous names to mention.

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