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Rieker Antistress Mens Sandals

Rieker Antistress Mens Desert Boots


Rieker Antistress Mens Sandals

Let me set the scene; the sun’s out, weather is warm, shorts are on and your feet…are in agony! I can think of very few things that would ruin a summers day like worrying about your feet. So it’s worth investing in sandals that are looking after you, right? Sandals that are designed to reduce the stress on your feet, right? Right. The Rieker Antistress range has been developed with the comfort of your feet at the very center of their design process. Rieker Antistress sandals abide by the four core values of lightweight, flexible, spacious, and shock absorbing footwear. This means that regardless of which pair of Rieker Antistress sandals you are wearing your perfect summers day is safe.


The first of the Rieker Antistress core values, lightweight, means that everything on your sandals serves a purpose. There are few things worse than dragging around heavy footwear all day but with the Rieker Antistress Sandals it will not be a concern of yours.


Flexibility is the second of the Rieker Sandals core values. It is of the utmost importance that the shoes or sandals you wear conform and flex to the natural movements of your feet. Your feet should not be constricted by your footwear. The sole of the Rieker Antistress Sandals is made from a material that will mimic the natural flexing and bending of your feet.

Spacious might seem like an odd value to adhere to within footwear manufacture but it serves a valuable purpose as many of us wear shoes that are simply too tight. The Rieker Antistress range is designed to be about a half size wider than the average shoe. This extra half size gives you that little bit more wriggle room than your standard shoe so it is perfect for anyone with a slightly wider foot, or just those of us who want that little bit extra space!

Shock absorption is probably the most important of the four core values of Rieker footwear. The Riricon soles on the Rieker Antistress range protect your feet and reduce the amount of impact you feel with each step.

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