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Padders SS19
Founded in 1914, Padders launched as a family owned business with key family values that they still carry today. Their respectable values and high standards have remained the same throughout the years and have helped towards building the brand to what it is today. Their vision has always been to produce high-quality shoes that do not compromise comfort for style. Throughout the years of fashion, Padders has been through it all - from the pointed wrinkle pickers of the 1900’s to the 2000’s sneaker trend. Throughout time, Padders has kept up with the latest styles and this year isn’t any different with a great range of shoes, sandals, trainers and boots. Shop our range of men's and women's Padders footwear now.

Padders’ trademark is comfort and is undoubtedly their unique selling point to separate them from their competitors. They developed their 'feelgoodfeet' concept in 1982 and it is this which has made their footwear so popular today. This gave the shoes more comfort and support than ever before, and this is what makes customers fall in love with each pair they own. Each shoe provides style and support simultaneously, and our range also includes lightweight soles and quality leather uppers too. 

 Padders shoes come with adjustable fastenings, foam padding, posture correcting heel shaping, and half and full sizes to truly allow for the perfect fit. Along with all of these comfort perks, Padders also has a dual fit system for people with wider feet and memory foam in their slippers. Padders also have a range of footwear which is made in Britain in a factory in Kettering. They are a great British company that keeps their customers happy.