Oswin Hyde AW18



The brand new collection of Oswin Hyde is here, showing off their autumn winter collection at Shuperb.

Oswin Hyde’s experience in the shoe industry is shown by their knowledge of the ‘perfect shoe’. They found that normal men’s shoes lacked comfort or quality. Oswin Hyde established that both comfort and style are the most important elements of a shoe and are typically compromised in other brands. That’s why they have created a shoe to promote comfort, durability and quality together with ultimate style.

Handpicked leathers from Italy are used to make their shoes, their accomplished and trustworthy manufacturers are used to create their masterpieces. They work directly with their factories so that no shoe goes unturned. This way, they can ensure that everything has 100% quality.


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Each pair of shoes include:

A Complementary Storage Bag  
Shoe Horn
Shoe Polish 

Keeping your shoes looking fresh and feeling brand new every day. 

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 The comfort of these shoes come with extra padding for reduced stress on the feet. They have an extra cellular cushion also lined with breathable lambskin to enhance comfort. Each sole is handmade from flexible all-weather resin for durability, so you can keep and wear your shoes longer.

As well as that, all shoes are carefully designed to make sure each shoe has its own unique style.


Oswin Hyde produces shoes that you would want to show off every day and want to walk in every day. These shoes are made to last a lifetime.