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Muck Boots Wellington Boots

Established in 1999, Muck Boots set out to provide a Wellington Boot that was as innovative and durable as it was stylish, something that they have achieved during the last 20 years. Muck Boots produce high-quality boots, of which they pride themselves in being 100% weather resistant for more than just the four seasons of the year. If asked to describe these boots in three words we would describe them as being protective, comfortable and reliable which is what makes it unsurprising as to why they are a hit with Shuperb customers.

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All Muck boots are designed to protect from wet, windy, snowy, muddy and sticky situations without sacrificing on comfort or aesthetics. Built with Neoprene uppers, Muck boots provide insulation and cushioning around the foot and leg, granting an unmatched wear that is both warm and dry. The stylish silhouettes are a testament to the detailed design, and completed with an original assortment of colours for a truly unique and fashionable look.

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The DERWENT II Unisex Rubber Wellington Boots can be described as a staple among both men and women during those Autumn and Winter months. Complete with air mesh lining, these Wellington Boots were created with the ability to keep your feet warm in temperatures as low as 18 degrees centigrade. These boots are equipped with moisture wicking properties, enabling your feet to remain dry and fresh for long periods of time. 
The ARCTIC WEEKEND boots have proven to be a hit among Shuperb customers during Autumn and Winter, as a result of their style and versatility. Providing its wearers with the highest of comfort thanks to its cosy fleece lining, they are perfect for both long days walking as well as a spot of light gardening. 
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