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Shuperb is proud to stock a wide range of one our best sellers: Blakeseys Monkey Boots. Handmade for the best hard-wearing construction possible, their stylish silhouette has been carefully designed to incorporate ornate stitch detailing for the distinctive 1960 monkey boot look. Coming in a variety of bright and bold colours, the range offers something for every type of wardrobe.

Popularised in the UK by music icons Paul Weller and Pete Townshend in the 1960s and 70s, they have been part of British fashion ever since and are considered one of the few fashion items to have kept their original design; they have not changed or evolved during their 60+ year history.

Curiously, there’s a certain mystery that surrounds the origin of this cult favourite boot. Many different accounts of the beginnings of monkey boots have been told over the years, with few having much historical accuracy. Marked by the tractor-like soles for an excellent grip, their historical use as a military boot is evident – but when they were made available to the general public in the 1960s, the shoe was much more popular with women and children because that they were made in suitable sizes and were available at a reasonable price, especially when compared to boots made by rival boot maker Dr Martens. For many, they were known as affordable, fashionable and comfortable boots that lasted for years. Today, monkey boots are seen as comfortable, daily-wear shoes perfect for all activities.

Though traditionally worn with 1960s ‘mod’ attire, these days monkey boots are worn with long and short jeans, chinos, and trousers; and not forgetting they do look surprisingly slick with a well-fitted suit!

The Blakeseys 1960 Unisex Bordo/Yellow monkey boot is especially popular. The contrasting colours offer the perfect peacocking accompaniment to your outfit. Alternatively, you might prefer the more subtle look and opt for the Navy/Cream style. If you’re after a more formal outfit, be sure to check out the Tan/Black edition.

Grafters Monkey Boots have been made and imported from Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic) since 1969 – before they were even known as Grafters - and are surprisingly still made at the very same factory to this day. Grafters offer a more understated range with an extra rounded silhouette shape. The Grafters Leather Money Boots in Navy boasts a soulful colour tone to fit any outfit.