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Mephisto Men's & Women's Shoes, Boots, & Trainers

Mephisto had been conceived in France, 1965, when its founder - Martin Michaeli - decided to pursue a lofty ambition of creating and selling the world's highest quality shoes. The Mephisto brand which stands before us today in excellent health serves testament to Michaeli's success in following-through with his motive.

Mephisto garnered promising reception initially with their version of the Moccasin - their flagship design. It wasn't long before Mephisto's unique footwear breached major markets across Europe, including Germany, Belgium, and Austria.

In 1973, Mephisto discovered their flagship design - the Mephisto RAINBOW – which is called so due to its distinctive upper stitching pattern on the profile of the shoe. The Mephisto RAINBOW style is available in a range of pastel colours – perfect for those muted autumnal nights.

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The first Mephisto retail shop opened in 1984 in Germany, and their brand quickly gained pace to take-on the American and Canadian markets. Mephisto has since grown from strength-to-strength by developing in-house technologies which has firmly established them for more than 50 years due to their best-selling shoes around the globe. Opting for high-quality leather and other premium materials have certainly gone a long way in terms of cementing Mephisto’s legacy as a brand which does not compromise on quality.

Much of Mephisto's investment in premium technology is culminated in their flagship SOFT-AIR technology, which provides peak-comfort thanks to their use of premium 100% natural cork outsourced from Portugal. Their use of soft natural leather in the footbed affords the shoe with even more comfort, since its built-in climate system moulds to the exact proportions of your foot as if walking on sand.

Mephisto's shoes satisfy the wishes of even the most demanding foot.


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