Shop your favourite 60's movement, the Mod era with Lambretta. It's not just a brand, but 'a way of life'. 

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Founded in 1997, Lambretta took inspiration for it's fashion line from the Mod scene era in the 1960's and also not forgetting the Lambretta scooter which was the brand name of a line of scooters manufactured in Milan Italy. The company is a part of the Lambretta Consortium, so both the clothing brand and the scooters share the same organisation. 

With the Mod era having a rich heritage, Lambretta shoes keep the look from past whilst keeping up the with moving times of the 21st century. The Mod look is based on wearing stylish tailored clothing with bold prints, bright colours and black and white. Clothing such as suits, polo's, slim fitting trousers and everyone's favourite lace up Desert boots which were incredibly popular. These colours also represent the bright colours of the Lambretta's made, such a yellows, greens, reds and blues.

Lambretta bikes were a hit in the 1960's, they launched just after World War II. They are still well known today all over the world and are featured in modern music videos and have even influenced music inspired by the 'Lambretta Spirit' such as songs like 'Red Lambretta' by The Vendettas and 'Lambretta Love' by The Ants. Also in love with the Lambretta fashion are celebrities such as Debbie Reynolds, Cameron Diaz, Paul Weller and James Dean who are fans of the bike. 

Lambretta's history before the brand explains why there slogan is 'a way of life' which was the happy, loving post World War II era that influenced many. The logo for the Lambretta movement is a blue, white and red target, a symbol to identify Mod's in Britain. This came from popular band's during that time. Band artists would use nationalistic symbols such as the British RAF target for cover albums and fans would use these icons on tee shirts to support them. Many Mod artists used this symbol and that's when the link between the target and Mod became the iconic symbol it is today.

Footwear for Lambretta feature Desert boots and trainers at Shuperb with this logo. Their shoes are made with high quality suede, for long lasting fashion and suitable for every day wear.