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Jack & Jones Men's Shoes & Boots

 JACK & JONES was established back in 1990. The story began when the founder attended an Oslo fashion fair with the intention of using it to kickstart his new fashion line. It was a huge success. Twenty-eight years later, the brand continues to grow internationally and it has become a popular household name. JACK & JONES has now developed into all corners of the men’s fashion world and it covers all bases. Originally starting as a jean-based movement, JACK & JONES is now defined by more than its reputation for premium quality denim. Today, they offer a range of footwear, accessories and even tailoring. There are five key aspects of their brand: Vintage, Premium, Originals, Core and Tech. All five of these have become crucial elements of this global fashion powerhouse. Every year they deliver great products, all of which are necessities to any fashionable man’s wardrobe. Each range differs from the last in terms of inspiration and feel, giving the customer an abundance of variety and choice. Shop the full range of JACK & JONES men’s boots, shoes and trainers here at Shuperb.

Given the overwhelming success of JACK & JONES' clothing, it is no surprise that the brand dove into the footwear industry as well. They now have a great selection of shoes ranging from comfy everyday trainers to modestly lavish boots. JACK & JONES retain their roots through rugged edges and subtle detailing, reminding the wearer of the care and quality infused into every pair of shoes. Here at Shuperb, we recognise the premium craftsmanship that JACK & JONES offers, and we want our customers to see it for themselves. We have over 80 products to choose from, and we stock a whole range of JACK & JONES shoes and accessories, so check them out now.

JACK & JONES' boots top the list of winter must-haves. All of their boots have a nostalgic, vintage feel which serves as a gentle reminder of the brand's classic foundation. The JFWZACHARY COMBO boots have a unique fusion of smooth and distressed leather for a retro, yet sleek feel. You can wear these for any occasion as you can easily dress them up or down. Shuperb also stocks many JACK & JONES accessories to complete your winter look. We have an extensive range of boxers, available in eye-catching patterns or plain colours for subtle yet classic style. You can also shop the spacious JACROSS backpack, which is perfect for the daily commute, school or for travelling.