Hush Puppies Fashionable Shoes & Boots

Hush Puppies have proven that impeccable style and great comfort can go hand in hand. Founded in 1958, a time where uncomfortable and plain coloured shoes seemed like the only viable option, Hush Puppies have gone a long way to prove that the truth is far from that. Since its creation, producing high quality and fashionable shoes that do not compromise on comfort for men, women and children.

Over the past 60 years Hush Puppies have built their company values of optimism and positivity through their shoes. This is evident throughout the many bright and vibrant coloured and patterned shoes they have introduced throughout the years such as the BERNARD 80 mens suede shoe. But the constant goal for their shoes was to make them as comfortable as possible, which has let to them developing and refining special bounce technology. This technology is built into the sole of Hush Puppies shoes to aid with shock absorption so that every step you take is a gentle one. The quality of Hush Puppies shoes has made them increasingly popular with A-List clientele such as Tom Hanks, Keith Richards and Susan Sarandon.


For Autumn/Winter 2019 we at Shuperb are focused on presenting some of the warmest styles Hush Puppies has to offer. This includes the BEAUCERON PT Mens Chukka boot. Made with premium leather, lined with a breathable mesh lined sock and textile lining to keep feet warm. The rubber sole is built with signature bounce technology which ensures durability.

For women we’re showcasing the stylish and warming MABEL ladies’ tall boots. Constructed with genuine suede uppers with luxury faux fur topline which is sure to keep your legs toasty during the cold. Fixed with foam cushioning for optimum foot comfort.

Browse our extensive range of Hush Puppies shoes to experience pure comfort and style.