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  • How To Use A Discount Code

    If you have a discount code and you are trying to apply it, you can apply this by entering it in to the discount section shown on the right:

    discount code

     If you are having issues applying any discount codes that you may have please call the Shuperb customer service helpline on 0116 326 0605. Alternatively, you can email our customer service helpline at


  • Returns Address

    Our Returns Address is:


    Unit 3, 55 Hastings Road
    LE5 0BT
    United Kingdom

  • What is My Order Number

    If you are having difficulty locating your number it can usually be found on your invoice which you would have received with your parcel or via email. Your order number will usually start with the following: 

    • AMZ
    • EBAY
    • SHU

    Your six digit order number will follow this prefix. For example:

    • AMZ123456
    • EBAY123456
    • SHU123456

    You are only required to enter the six numbers on your returns card. If you are having any issues locating this please contact our customer service team on 0116 326 0605 or email us at