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  • Who Are Shuperb?

    Shuperb is a family owned online footwear retailer, hailing from Leicester, UK. Our objective is to offer our clients around the world unparalleled choice, service and quality. To date we have sold over a million pairs of shoes to customers in over 50 countries. We’re 100% legitimate, and all of our products are genuine.

    To contact us, call our customer services team between 10am until 4pm Monday to Friday on Telephone: 0116 326 0605 or message us on WhatsApp: 07407804625.

    Alternatively, you can write to us!

    Our address is:

    Unit 3a and 3b

    55 Hastings Road


    LE5 0BT

    United Kingdom

  • I've been emailed by a courier, but I'm not sure of it's legitimacy

    We understand that the amount of online scams has increased dramatically over the years. Please call our customer services team to check information on your delivery. There is also a fantastic guide supplied by the UK Government and how to identify fraud & scamming here. Remember never to click a link from a source that you don't trust, and always check the email address or phone number for its legitimacy. 

  • Can I Change My Delivery Address?

    Unfortunately, once an order has been made we are unable to change the delivery address. This is to protect our customers from fraudulent activity. In this scenario, you would have to cancel the order and start the purchase again with the correct delivery address.

  • Can I Place My Order By Phone?

    Phone orders can be taken by contacting our customer services team and payment made via card. You can place orders over the phone for values up to £100.00.

  • What Do I Do If An Item Is Out Of Stock?

    We recommend selecting the "Email me when back in stock" option from the size drop down and click the button of the same name. Enter your email address and the security prompt and you will be informed as soon as we have this item back in stock. 

  • Are The Products Genuine?

    All of our products are genuine, and are either sourced directly from the brand itself or legitimate stockists.

  • What Is A Standard & A Wide Fitting Shoe?

    A standard fitting shoe is an approximate average based on the measurements of the most common foot shape. A wide fit is a more relaxed revision on the standard shoe fit specially made for wider feet.

  • What Is A Welted Sole?

    You may have seen the phrase "Welted Sole" whilst browsing our website. A welted sole tends to relate to leather shoes, and is the traditional method of fusing the sole to the upper of the shoe. Rather than attaching the sole to the lining of the shoe, to improve durability it is instead attached to an added strip of leather that runs along the lining.

  • Returns Address

    Our Returns Address is:


    Unit 3, 55 Hastings Road
    LE5 0BT
    United Kingdom

  • What is My Order Number?

    If you are having difficulty locating your number it can usually be found on your invoice which you would have received with your parcel or via email. Your order number will usually start with the following: 

    • AMZ
    • EBAY
    • SHU

    Your six digit order number will follow this prefix. For example:

    • AMZ123456
    • EBAY123456
    • SHU123456

    You are only required to enter the six numbers on your returns card. If you are having any issues locating this please contact our customer service team on 0116 326 0605 or email us at

  • I'd Like To Cancel My Order

    If you'd like to cancel an order, please contact our customer service team as soon as you can. We’ll need a written confirmation of cancellation via email but it’s best to call us as well. We will always do our best to process cancellation requests but we cannot guarantee that we’ll be able to cancel any order which is already placed, due to fast moving nature of our warehouse and quick dispatching of goods. You can find information on deliveries, refunds and returns here.