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Dr Martens Chelsea Boots

Dr Martens Chelsea Boots

Okay, okay before we begin I have a couple of questions. Number one: What is a chelsea boot? Number Two: Who are Dr Martens?

Well may I first say that if you have managed to get to this page without knowing the answer to either or both of the above then I am truly impressed. However you are here now and for some reason you are demanding the answers to relatively simple questions so I shall enlighten you.


What are Dr Martens?

Dr Martens, also known as Docs, DMs and Doc Martens are a heavy duty, industrial boot. They were primarily worn as workwear however they found their way in to mainstream UK fashion in the 1960s as part of the British Mod fashion movement. Dr Martens quickly became synonymous with UK fashion and culture however their roots are far from it. Dr Martens boots were created by a German veteran by the name of Klaus Märtens. Klaus was a medic and after suffering an injury in a skiing accident he found his standard boots were no longer comfortable. Klaus therefore set about creating a hardwearing, heavy duty boot that was comfortable and so Dr Martens were born.

Dr Martens have since seen celebrity endorsement on a global scale and are now a household name within the footwear industry. One of the defining features of the Dr Marten's boot is the sole. The Airwair soles of Dr Martens are air cushioned with a patented design. They are known colloquially as bouncing soles as the air cushioning gives the wearing an added bounce in their step.

Dr Martens look fantastic with a range of different outfits and come in a huge variety of styles.

But we're here to learn about Chelsea Boots, right? Right.

What are Chelsea Boots?

Chelsea Boots, in short, are a close fitting, ankle high boot traditionally made with a leather upper. Typically Chelsea Boots come with symmetrical elasticated side panels and a pull on tab on the back of the shoe. Chelsea Boots were made popular during the Mod era in the UK. The name 'Chelsea Boot' was believed to be a call back to the home of their uprising; Chelsea. The success of Chelsea Boots was helped immensely by their celebrity following. Popular UK bands like the Rolling Stones and the Beatles were well known supporters of the tough little boots.

Mod culture has made a huge impact on UK footwear styling. Styles such as desert boots & loafers both arose during Mod era England.

Throughout the years Chelsea boots have evolved and adapted to their changing market place. In Australia Chelsea Boots became the working boot of the masses. In England they evolved in to Beatle boots (beatle boots typically have a higher heel than a standard chelsea boot). Chelsea Boots are even available with a side zip. Despite all of these adaptations and variants the Chelsea Boot classic design has continued as a staple of our closets throughout the years. 

Dr Martens Chelsea Boots

So now we are all very much clued up on Dr Martens & Chelsea Boots but how is our knowledge on a combination of the two. That's right Dr Martens Chelsea Boots. Dr Martens Chelsea Boots are one of the original styles of shoes that Dr Martens created. Here at Shuperb we offer Dr Martens Chelsea boots in both the 2976 and the 8250.

The Dr Martens 8250 Chelsea Boot is the original industrial working boot. It is not a complete safety boot but does come with a tough leather upper, increased sole depth for added protection and comply with EN347-1 E ORO SRA standards.

The Dr Martens 2976 on the other hand is a fashion focused shoe. It comes with a smooth leather upper and is available in a wider choice of colours. The DM2976 also has a thinner sole for a sleeker, smoother design.

You can check out both in the links below or view the full range by clicking on that pretty little picture at the top of the page.