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Dr Martens 1491z 14 Eyelet Boots

Dr Martens 1491z 14 Eyelet Boots

Now THAT's a proper boot! 14 Eyelets, full leather upper, a thick tread Dr Martens Airwair sole and Zwelt stitching make the Dr Martens 1941z one of the toughest boots available. 

Dr Martens were born and raised in Germany. Their founder Klaus Martens developed the boots after suffering from an ankle injury in a skiing accident. He found that his standard boots no longer offered the level of comfort he needed and so set about creating something groundbreaking.

The sole of the Dr Martens is what has given them their mass appeal. It is made using hundreds of air-pockets embedded into the rubber to give them what is affectionately referred to as a bouncing sole. These bouncing soles, or Airwair Soles as they should be called, are supremely comfortable and are equipped with a thick tread to keep you sure footed in a variety of conditions.

The 14 eyelet Dr Martens boots are one of the tallest boots that Dr Martens manufacture. Their 14 Eyelets reach up to a mid-calf level. The soft leather upper conforms to the shape of your calf perfectly and means that the Dr Martens 1941z is as comfortable as it is stylish.

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