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Dr Martens 1461 Shoes

Dr Martens 1461 & Dr Martens 1461z


Dr Martens 1461 and Dr Martens 1461z 3 Eyelet Uniform Shoes

You would be forgiven for not knowing of the younger brother in the Dr Martens 1460 series. You would even be forgiven for not realising that Dr Martens were a global manufacturer of shoes as well as boots. However it would be unforgivable to not recognise the understated air of cool that surrounds this little shoe. The Dr Martens 1461 and Dr Martens 1461z have been a staple of British styling for just as long as their bigger brother however as they did not receive the mass appeal of the Dr Martens 1460 8 Eyelet boot . This now gives the Dr Martens 1461 shoe an air of exclusivity.

The Dr Martens 1461 does have some important differences to the Dr Martens 1461z shoe however these differences are largely aesthetic. The core of both the 1461 and the 1461z are almost identical. Both shoes have a full leather upper that is available in a choice of colours. Both shoes come with a spare pair of yellow laces and both shoes have an Airwair sole. The Airwair soles do differ in how that are welted to the shoe. On the Dr Martens 1460 the Airwair sole, named because of the tiny pockets of air in the sole that add comfort, are plain welted. The Dr Martens 1461z however are Z-welted. This should not be considered a huge point of difference between the quality of manufacture in both shoes. Z welting as opposed to plain welting merely means that the shoes stitching is yellow or vibrantly displayed. A plain welted shoe is stitched in a more discreet colour or the stitching is hidden from view.

The Dr Martens 1461 shoe has a distinctive design, the leather upper is available in both Black and Brown and are ideal for both work and casual wear. The 1460 is often used a uniform shoe. The Dr Martens 1461z shoes have the same, rigid leather upper as the 1461 however the DM 1461z is available in Oily Brown , Black and Cherry Red . The Oily Brown is possibly the most distinctive and offers a very different look to the 1460 brown.

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