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Chaleur Men's & Women's Luxury Slippers

 Our collection of Chaleur slippers offers a world of luxury for your feet. Along with their timeless style, with any pair of these beautiful slippers, you are sure to feel ultimate comfort. Each shoe has its own touch of greatness, made with the highest of standards and handcrafted in the heart of Italy ensuring nothing but quality. Slip your feet into these cosy slippers, you won't regret it. We've got a range for both men and women, so you're sure to find a pair perfect for you!

 With a huge range of slippers to choose from, there is no limit on comfort. Each pair of slippers has gone through vigorous testing and development so that you get the best product possible. Every detail is taken into careful consideration, making them the finest slippers around. Although they take inspiration from 1970’s trends, Chaleur has successfully made the slippers more up to date with modern techniques and finishes to ensure they are as stylish as possible. Their style never compromises on comfort though, which is why they are our go-to slipper.

Browse our selection of Chaleur slippers today and find your dream pair of Italian handmade slippers. We have a full range of designs, including mules and full Slippers. See our adventurous collection of floral patterns, or our range of simple soft leather and textile slippers, each carefully crafted for you to love.