Veganuary Survival Kit

It’s that time of year again! Whether you’re cutting down on meat or going cold turkey (pardon the pun) we’ve put together a Veganuary survival kit to help you through.


You might have heard the word “Nooch” popping up on Vegan groups, forums and social media. Nooch is a short name for nutritional yeast, a flaky food supplement with a nutty and cheesy flavour.

You can sprinkle Nooch on pretty much anything, salads, pastas; they even suggest putting it on cereal (although after trying it, I wouldn’t recommend it!). It contains very low levels of fats and salts, whilst being a fantastic source of B vitamins and protein. It works great as a replacement for parmesan cheese, and can be used to make a great mac ‘n’ cheese!

2. Oat Milk

A few years ago, soy was the only plant based milk that was readily available in supermarkets. It’s great for cereal, but can be very temperamental whenever heat is involved and can curdle very easily. Now we have a huge range of different plant based milks like rice, hazelnut, coconut and my personal favourite; oat.

Oat milk is great for coffee, cooking and everything in between with a similar flavour profile and density to milk. It’s been incredibly popular with vegans and non-vegans alike, and has a much smaller carbon footprint than dairy milk.

3. Cheese

Cheese is a hot topic surrounding veganism. Over the past few years it’s gotten a lot better, with many supermarkets having their own range of cheeses; but still remains a bit of a minefield. My advice would be this: don’t expect an exact replica of dairy cheese. Vegan cheese tends to be coconut oil based, making it melt differently to dairy. If you use it sparingly on pizza, a little goes a long way.

4. Chocolate

Unlike cheese, vegan chocolate is a pretty safe option these days. Even brands like Galaxy have their own range of vegan chocolate (spoiler alert: it’s pricey but delicious). If you’re looking for a chocolate fix, brands like NOMO & Vego have a range of flavours including caramel, hazelnut, fruit & nut and original. If you prefer dark chocolate, you’re in luck! A lot of dark chocolate, especially the high percentage stuff, is dairy free! This differs from brand to brand so always check the ingredients if you’re unsure.

5. Shoes

Our favourite part, vegan shoes! Shuperb stock a range of footwear that’s suitable for vegans, so you can rock your new plant-based lifestyle from head to toe. TOMS, Mud Dogs, Birkenstock, Heavenly Feet and Mister Carlo all have vegan styles to choose from for men and women; browse our collection today!

What would you have in your survival kit? Comment below!

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