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How To Make Valentine's Day Special At Home

Struggling to think of ideas on how to make this Valentine’s day romantic whilst keeping it Covid safe? We’ve come up with a few options to help you get creative and make it one to remember!

For star-crossed lovers

The restrictions we’ve seen on day-to-day life have naturally put pressure on all romantic relationships, especially to those that don’t live together. Why not arrange a video call with your partner? It may not sound like the most exciting idea, but there are ways to make it as close to a date as the real thing. Why not set up your laptop or device at the dinner table so it’s as though you’re sat across from one another? You can find recipes online for quick and easy meals so it’s as though you’re out to dinner together – but without the awkwardness of a waiter asking you how the food is mid-chew!

A Night On The Town

Bar crawls & events are out of the question this year, so we might have to get creative! Utilise your living space by giving each room a theme, style of music and lighting! Transform your kitchen into a cocktail bar, swing by the bedroom and dance to 80’s bangers, turn your dining room into a restaurant & go to a concert in your living room (there’s loads of live music performances on youtube that are free to stream).

There are some great party props available online that can be delivered to your door to help you get in the mood!

A Night At The Movies

You can never go wrong with a good old fashioned movie night! There’s plenty of movies on streaming sites to choose from, or pick your favourite dvd. Microwave popcorn can be found in most super markets for a realistic feel and avoids the extortionate snack prices of most cinemas. Why not rediscover your inner child and build a den using bedsheets and fairy lights?

Dress To Impress

I don’t know about you, but dressing up in a nice outfit is a great change of pace from the sweatpants/old t-shirt combination I’ve been rocking during lockdown. Use Valentine’s day as an excuse to wear a nice dress, a suit or your best date attire. We have some fantastic formal options for you to choose from that will tie your outfit together perfectly!

Blakesys Scooter Tassel Loafers

These effortlessly stylish men’s tassel loafers are easy to slip on and off. They make a great impression as part of a suit or worn with smart jeans, and give you that classic Mod look.

Base London Boston Derby Shoes

The Boston from Base London are a classic Derby style shoe with a smooth, polished effect leather upper. They’re incredibly versatile, and are a great formal option from a classic UK brand.

Rieker 57173-00 Heeled Shoes

Rieker stay true to their non-conforming designs with this eye-catching ladies’ block heel shoe. With reptile effect panelling and a velvet soft lining, they’re sure to keep you on-trend and comfortable.

Hush Puppies Maddie Ankle Boots

These suede ladies ankle boots are versatile, stylish & comfortable. With a memory foam foot bed & elasticated side gussets, you’re ensured a secure fit as well as a cosy foot feel. The Maddie boots look great with most outfits, including jeans, trousers or a skirt.

There’s Always Next Year!

Why not plan a post-lockdown Valentine’s day with your partner. Giving yourself a year to make these plans come true can make for a super special experience!

Share your Valentine’s ideas in the comments below!

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