Is It Illegal To Drive In Sandals?

For as long back as we can remember, there’s always been a rumour of whether it’s illegal to drive in flip-flops, slides or bare feet! Being die-hard fans of footwear in all shapes and sizes, we set out to find the answer once and for all.

So, Is It Illegal?

To put it simply, the answer is no. You won’t get arrested if the police see you entering and then driving a vehicle in sandals.

Wearing inappropriate footwear, however, can cause many other implications that impact the safety of yourself and other road users whether it be barefoot, sandals or even high heels! The lack of grip and structure can cause improper use of the control pedals, it can impact breaking & reaction time. There’s also the risk of the sandals falling off and getting in the way of the brake pedal in an emergency situation.

Should I wear Sandals whilst driving?

In an article published by the RAC (Royal Automobile Club), they state that “Driving in less than practical shoes – or no shoes at all for that matter – is not illegal, but you have a responsibility as a driver to uphold standards on the road. If your selection of footwear hampers that, you’re putting yourself at risk.”

The Verdict

As much as we love our trusty flip-flops, we’re going to pass on wearing them for driving and recommend you do the same!

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