Havaianas Good Time!

From their inception in 1962, Havaianas (the Portugese word for “Hawaiians”) has come a long way from being sold out of vans across the Brazilian countryside. After registering for the patent in 1966, Havianas took ownership of the “flip flop” design and have become the go-to for relaxed beach footwear ever since.

Very Rice Sandals

Havaianas signature rice grain footbed is an homage to the ancient Zori sandals that have been traced back to as early as the year 794! The original sandals are constructed from rice straw and featured a toe thong construction, worn when entering and leaving a house. It has been rumoured that the popularity of flip-flops in westernised culture came from soldiers bringing Zori sandals when they returned from World War II.

Here Comes The Tide!

Havaianas have become so popular that there’s even a bridal range of sandals! Some of the styles feature Swarovski crystals, and include a huge range of colours to suit every theme. They still feature the flexible rubber sole, making them a great option for a beach wedding. They’re a little bit extra for us, but hey, it’s your special day!

What's New With Havaianas?

As Spring and Summer approaches, Shuperb have got some fantastic new styles of Havaianas for you to choose from. There’s new colours, new styles and even some animal print! There’s also some sleek multi-tonal colourways that look great with jeans or shorts. Perfect for holidays in the sun, whether you’re chilling by the pool or exploring the local villages and towns; pop a pair in your suitcase and away you go!


Shop our men’s & women’s range of Havaianas today, and keep an eye out for new styles coming soon!

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