Footwear For The Royals

HM The Queen wearing Hunter Wellington Boots

The Royal Family has devout fans all around the world; from Europe to the Americas, they are universally loved. Everything they do is under the close microscope of the public eye – including what shoes they wear. It is clear the royal family has a unique style when it comes to fashion: elegant and classy but without being too pretentious, they are looked up to for their fashion sense and a number of members of the Royal Family have been known to be fashion trend-setters. They achieve all this partly by supporting some great British brands.

Barbour has received three coveted Royal Warrants

What you might not know is that when a brand is considered brilliant enough to supply to the royal family, it receives what is known as a Royal Warrant of Appointment. For a footwear brand, this is a terrific honour and possibly the best testament to the brand’s quality, heritage and integrity. Only three members of the royal family can issue a Royal Warrant of Appointment – The Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales – so it is very rare for a footwear brand to receive one. Despite this, Shuperb is proud to sell TWO brands that have received the coveted warrant: Hunter Boot Ltd. and J. Barbour & Sons Ltd.

Hunter has received two Royal Warrants

These brands are known for their impeccable design and unbeatable quality – it’s no wonder they are favorites of the Royal Family.  Our Hunter range is more than just their incredible Wellington Boots. We also sell unisex backpacksladies hooded raincoatssliders and socks, to ensure your wardrobe is as royal as your heart’s desire!

Our incredible Barbour footwear range is typically just associated with the great outdoors – but they offer so much more, including flip flops, sliders and slippers. Check out our full range and you’ll quickly realise that it is easy to wear royal footwear all the time, no matter if you are cozying up at home, walking outside, or relaxing by the pool on holiday.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall wearing Hunter Wellington Boots

Make sure you browse our full extensive ranges of Hunter and Barbour; if it’s good enough for royalty, we are confident it will be good enough for you. Like the royal family, our royal warranted brands are constantly growing so make sure you check back on Shuperb regularly to stay-up-to-date with our latest brands.  

Other brands that are popular with the Royal Family are the Crocs range. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and her son George have been photographed wearing them on a number of occasions. Explore our extensive kids range complete with lots of models and shapes. Our Classic Crocs Range is especially popular; available in lots of colours, it is the most famous and popular Crocs shape for a reason. Make sure you browse the entire range.

If you like the above brands, you will almost certainly love Chatham. With their obvious royal style, Chatham shoes offer a mix of vintage and classic styles in lots of colours to suit all tastes. With a range as diverse as Chatham’s, everyone is entitled to be a royal.

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