Father’s Day Gift Guide

Shuperb's Father's Day Gift Guide

It’s Father’s Day this Sunday, 17th June. Have you got him anything yet?

No, of course you haven’t. Dads are usually a nightmare to buy for. If they want something, they’ll just get it themselves. You feel guilty for resorting to chocolates and socks. Those novelty mugs are shoved into the back of the cupboard. You’re heading towards a disaster. You need some help.

Luckily, the Shuperb Blog is here to offer you some Father’s Day inspo. Dads come in many forms – they might be your father, stepfather, grandfather, husband – and they all deserve celebration for their hard work. Take a look at our tips below, and find something that’s right for the dad in your life.


Tandem skydivers
Imagine Dad’s face here

If there isn’t anything that Dad wants, give him a present he’ll remember. You can find experience gifts at a variety of different websites and high street stores. These are a great alternative to gift vouchers and jumpers, and there’s a whole range of things on offer.  Why not send Dad skydiving? Perhaps he’s always wanted to drive a supercar, or go to the races, or take a helicopter ride across the countryside. There’s everything from clay pigeon shooting to sushi making on offer, so you’re sure to find something you’ll like.

On the other hand, perhaps all Dad wants is a good night out. Find out if there’s a comedy club near you or a big comedian on tour. Concert halls and theatres often have great tribute acts to the bands he used to love, and there are plenty of smaller festivals around he might enjoy. And even though it’s still June, you can already buy tickets to this year’s pantos up and down the country – so Christmas is sorted too!


Reverend Lovejoy with model trains
Reverend Lovejoy likes trains, and so will Dad

Most dads have a shed, a project, something practical that keeps them busy on the weekends. So they’ll always appreciate something new to paint, build, make, or play with – and they don’t tend to be fussed about the mess. Plus, it’ll take them right back to when they were a kid, and got to muck around all day.

If Dad misses his trains, and money is no object, there’s no better gift than The Flying Scotsman train set from Hornby. For £184.99 you get a locomotive, three coaches, and a starter track circuit. If he already has a train track in the loft, though, then you can just get him a Happy Father’s Day wagon.

Airfix A55100 Supermarine Spitfire
An Airfix kit is a classic Father’s Day present

For the less cash-rich, an Airfix kit is a classic example of a great hobby gift for the dad who has always liked his cars, boats and planes. This Spitfire starter set will only set you back a tenner, and it comes with paint, glue, brush and four acrylic paints – perfect for a lapsed Airfix enthusiast. If you think Dad would appreciate something a bit more challenging, though, the Arvo Shackleton MR.2 comes with 269 parts and two build options.

If you like the idea of modelling kits, but Dad is more into science fiction than fuselages, then Games Workshop should be your first point of call. They have three main ranges: Warhammer in fantasy or science fiction flavours, and Tolkien’s Middle-Earth. Not only is there a variety of great modelling kits, the models are also used to play some great games. There’s stuff available at every price point, but look at their selection of board games and Start Collecting sets for a great gift. Better yet, split a copy of Dark Imperium between you, and challenge Dad to an all out war. In a fun way.


Kratos from God of War
Kratos is a great Dad

Talking of games, if Dad is into his video games then we’ve had a bumper crop recently. For the Playstation 4, God of War is an action-adventure game featuring war god Kratos and his son. Together they journey to the highest peak of the nine realms to fulfil a promise to their wife/mum. Thematically appropriate for Father’s Day, then, particularly if Dad is a grumpy beardy baldy bloke with a big axe.

For the Xbox One, Sea of Thieves allows you to live the dream of being a pirate. You can sail solo, or as part of a crew of up to four players. Whether you’re hoisting the mainsail or firing the cannons, you can undertake quests, steal loot, and generally engage in rascally behaviour. It’s also available as part of the Xbox Game Pass, which is essentially Netflix for video games and can be bought as a gift subscription. Why buy Dad one game when you can get him over a hundred?

Steam gift cards
Gift cards are the gift that keeps on giving

Finally, for the PC gamer, there’s no end of great choices. From the phenomenons Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, to recent indie gems such as Cultist Simulator and Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, to perennial classics kept alive with regular expansions like Crusader Kings II and Euro Truck Simulator 2, you’re spoilt for choice. That’s without mentioning the bumper crop of new titles just announced at E3. Honestly, the best Father’s Day gift would probably be a Steam gift card ready for the next sale or great new release.


Fathers Day sale
Find loads of great deals in our Father’s Day sale

Obviously, we think shoes are the answer to every gift dilemma, but when you’re getting 15% off full price men’s shoes in our Father’s Day sale, there’s never been a better time to grab Dad a new pair.

Base London is one of our leading smart shoe brands, and are even better value on sale. Their signature STORM Wallabee-style mid cut moccasin is a pub classic and is available in black or tan. It is made from the best quality soft leather uppers, a breathable lining, and a secure gripping rubber sole, making it a great choice for Dad.

Of course, the summer holidays are coming up, and if Dad’s already packing up his beach gear then you must get him a pair of Gumbies ISLANDER flip flops. With a variety of stylish designs and a flexible outsole made of rugged rubber tread, you’re not going to find better beachwear than this. Plus, they’re designed to become even better fitting with wear, so they’ll be great for next year’s summer break as well. Heck, retirees seem to always be on holiday somewhere, so if Dad’s of a certain age these flip flops could get worn year-round!

Even more ideas

Still stuck? Well, we’ve got plenty more where this came from. Check out our 2017 Father’s Day gift guide, our Gift Ideas For Men, and our Guide to Spring/Summer Shoe Trends for even more hints and tips.

What are you getting Dad? Tell us in the comments below, or find Shuperb on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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