End 2019 by Exploring Footwear Trends of the Last Century!

We’re heading into the roaring 20’s and to celebrate we’re going back 100 years to see how fashion in the footwear industry has changed through time. It’s always great to travel back in time to see how current fashions and trends have been influenced by the past. We’re certain you’ll spot a few favourites of your own, not knowing they’d found their successes a while ago.

The 30’s saw the combination of style and comfort, with styles such as heeled brogue shoes. Full covered shoes with thick straps were a staple for every modern lady’s wardrobe. The 30’s also saw the popularity of Cuban heels amongst both men and women as well as the invention of the ever-so-casual boat shoes.

The early 40’s encountered the commencement and end of the second world war, and with this came rationing. Women were limited with how many pairs of shoes they could buy, therefore it was necessary to choose to invest wisely in their footwear. The staples for a woman withstanding the strife of war were the durable brogue style heels and for a more elegant style a pair of T-bar heels. Two tone brogues continued to be a hit among the men of the day.

The 1950’s were a lighter decade than before; women became more experimental with their shoes. The revolutionary focus on a thin heel became a fast friend of many women at the time thanks to their sleek silhouette. During summertime a woman may trade in her heels completely for a more breathable pair of ballet flats. There was also an immergence of a new casual style called Desert boots, becoming increasingly popular with young men.

We’re taking it to the 60’s which saw a cultural revolution and rising popularity of the bohemian style Birkenstock sandals. Many women were taking to work and needed a power shoe to match, penny loafers with a small heel provided both practicality and style for the working woman. Wallabee shoes were a hit among many young men, a more relaxed style as opposed to the classic oxford style.

Its time to get groovy as we delve into the footwear style of the 70’s! With disco culture taking off, men and women alike needed footwear that could be rivalled by none. Think chunky heels and glitzy loafers. the 70’s was the decade where casual trainers really took off, with styles like Nike Bruin featuring faux suede uppers and contrasting white midsoles. The classic UGG boot was debuted in 1978, which is still a cult favourite today.

It’s time to take on the 80’s. A raw and eclectic decade which showcased big and bright styles like vibrant stiletto pumps and wild animal print boots. Blending in was never an option. Trainers took on a high-top silhouette, with many brands mimicking the style of Reebok.

90’s babies remember this next decade perfectly. With a focus on bright white tennis shoes & sneakers with chunky soles. Grunge was becoming increasingly popular amongst the youth, with styles like Doc Martens and Kickers being worn by many mainstream celebrities. Platform flip flops and mules are a trend that started in the 90’s and carried out well into the 2000’s

The 2000’s were a mix-up of classic styles and more experimental silhouettes. Crocs came to life with their memorable and unique design in 2002 and remain to be the talk of the town. Mule sandals were a hit among young women thanks to their effortless style and easy slip-on design. The resurgence of canvas style shoes also came to light, with many opting for the simple slip-ons as opposed to the classic lace-up trainers.

And now, today we see many styles that are noticeably influenced by their predecessors. In recent years trainers with a considerably thick sole have become a hit in urban culture. Mule style shoes and clogs have come full circle, becoming popular due to their comfort, accessibility and style. Tennis shoes have continued to be trendy since their plight in the 1990’s, thanks to their casual and wearable design. In late 2019, we’ve seen an increasing demand in traditional cowboy style boots for men and women alike.
The 2010’s have been wide-ranging, with the reemergence of classic and new designs, but we’re excited to see what the roaring 20’s brings us!

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