Crocs Comeback

Crocs can be described as a kind of marmite brand; you either love it or you hate it. This was a common fact when the shoe made its debut in 2002, with their flagship shoe the Croc Croslite Clog. Upon its release, the brand became an infamous worldwide phenomenon, it was equally loved and hated. But in 2020 it’s been predicted that Crocs are due for a comeback and after seeing pop sensation Ariana Grande in the classic Croc Clog, we are here for it. This leads to the question: are Crocs cool again?

Over the last few years Crocs has worked hard to regain its reputation and popularity, this has been done through successful collaborations with high end brands such as Balenciaga and Vivienne Tam.Crocs is a symbol of pop culture in the early 2000’s and the Balenciaga collab is taking us all the way back to 2001 with the chunky platform heel on these clogs. 
Crocs continue to prove they aren’t intimidated by high-end brands, even producing collabs with Chinese designer Vivienne Tam. The Tam collection takes inspiration from Chinese culture and puts an oriental spin on the traditional Crocs brand.
But Crocs aren’t just focused on high-end brands, they’ve also tapped into the urban market with features from Alife, Chinatown and Pleasures. This has seemingly helped to renovate and rejuvenate the Crocs brand.
Did somebody say Punk-Croc? The iconic face-painting, fire breathing, legendary 70’s band KISS teamed up with Crocs to create four rock-inspired shoes and Jibbitz charms alongside the announcement of their End of the Road tour. Though you may not want to wear these into the mosh pit, you have to admit that this collab is a total headbanger.
If you could pin the successful Crocs revival on one person, it would be Post Malone. There have been four installments of the collaboration so far, all of which sold out within minutes. Malone and Crocs have been collaborating since November 2018, when the Dimitri Clog was released as well as six Jibbits. “I wear Crocs everywhere from the bar to the stage” – Post Malone

Well, we’ve seen Crocs being rocked on the red carpet, adorned by royalty and remixed by high-end brands. I think we’ve made our case that Crocs are indeed cool! If you want to look and feel like a celebrity, head over to Shuperb for a variety of classic and modern Crocs styles.


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