Beat Your Gym-Jitters With The Right Trainers

Beat Your Gym-Jitters With The Right Trainers

It is easy to label someone who doesn’t go to the gym as lazy. But you might be surprised to hear that it is often a lack of confidence, instead of laziness, which stops people from keeping fit. Whether you think you are self-consciousness or not, the daunting environment of the gym can easily bring out low confidence and prevent you from working out. If you are someone who is filled with dread at the sight of a dumbbell, or if the very mention of a protein shake makes you shudder, you might be suffering from what we call the ‘gym-jitters’.

‘Gym-jitters’ are an extremely common problem for many people. You want to go out to the gym and keep fit, you’re not short on energy and you are full of motivation, but the very thought of stepping foot inside a gym fills you with fear. Working out alongside hundreds of other ‘gym-goers’, who must all be much fitter and much stronger than you, is enough to put you off from going. After all, won’t everyone be able to notice how much of a beginner you are? However, in reality, whilst some people might be able to lift heavier weights than you, everyone has to start somewhere. Believe it or not, even those who look like they know what they are doing in the gym probably felt a little nervous at first.

The health and fitness industry is a densely populated field, with many different, and often contradictory facts available. So, when it comes to toning up and gaining the confidence to step into the gym, it is difficult to know which advice is best to follow. From flicking through hundreds of Instagram fitness pages to reading heaps of magazine articles advising you what exercises you should be doing, the answer might be much simpler than you think.

Gym Skipping Rope

If you are one of these people, who shiver at all things gym related, then, here at Shuperb, we have your solution! If it is primarily a lack of confidence that is stopping you from working out, then let us help you to feel like a gym-pro with the right pair of shoes. Yes, you may not know your Romanian deadlifts from your curtsy lunges just yet, but in a fancy new pair of trainers, you’ll certainly look the part! Feeling confident is crucial to your fitness journey as the more self-assured you feel, the better you will perform. It’s simple! In the same way that a builder wouldn’t be as efficient without with correct screwdriver, your trainers are your tools and without a suitable pair, you simply won’t be able to perform the exercises to the best of your ability.

When it comes to choosing the perfect pair of gym trainers, it is not quite as easy as it sounds! If you’re considering joining a gym, you’ll most likely know what sorts of exercises you’re interested in. Whether you enjoy running on a treadmill or lifting heavy weights, we’ve got you covered! We have found three of the best pairs of trainers, all of which are suited perfectly to three different types of exercises. Therefore, using your interests as a starting point, you can find the best pair of trainers to help you reach your goals. Win, win!

Squat low with RIEKER

SQUAT RACKIt is undeniable that the last five years has seen the rise of the squat. It’s become a pretty fashionable part of gym-goers workouts, making it one of the most talked about exercises in the industry. If you’ve never really got the hype, let me tell you why the squat is all the rage. The exercise is a compound movement which means it does not just work the legs, but it works the whole body too. So, not only will you reap the benefits by toning your thighs, but you’ll also strengthen your core as well! From improving balance, to helping with co-ordination, there is nothing that the squat doesn’t do!

Whether you can lift 5kg or 50kg, such a trendy exercise requires an even trendier pair of trainers. When choosing a good weightlifting shoe, there are a few things to look out for. Firstly, you’ll need to find shoes that fit your feet snugly, leaving minimal space for wiggle room. This is important as when training, you’ll want to minimise your foot’s movement. Another quality to look out for is a trainer which provides a stable surface, helping with balance when lifting heavy loads.

Luckily, RIEKER have designed a trainer which will help you to perform the squat, stress-free. The N9200-14 Ladies Lace Up Trainers in Navy are made from breathable yet padded textiles, providing the perfect combination of support, whilst allowing your feet some air. The outsole of the shoes is armed with a rubber grip to ensure that you don’t slip when carrying out your squat. With cushioned comfort and shock absorbing technology, these RIEKER trainers are rooting for you with every rep.

Rieker N9300-14 Ladies Lace Up Trainers Navy

SKECHERS To Help You Go The Extra Mile

If lifting weights isn’t for you, then running on the treadmill might be more your style. It goes without saying that the vast majority of people will already know how to run. But whilst running might seem pretty self-explanatory, a good pair of trainers is essential for safety and efficiency. Whether you are training for a marathon or aiming for your first 5K, trainers designed with running in mind can help you to go faster for longer, as well as reducing your risk of injury.

SKECHERS have created a running shoe that will help your feet stay supported and balanced with every stride. As suggested in the name, SKECHERS Go Run 400 Action Ladies Trainers in Charcoal or Blue are designed for runners of all levels. These trainers will prevent your feet from overheating thanks to their breathable mesh fabric, as well as reducing the pressure on your joints through shock-absorbent insoles. Although well-cushioned, the trainers are also lightweight, making it easier to achieve your personal best.

Dare to spin with SKECHERS

If you’ve ever felt particularly daring, you might have thought about booking onto a spin class. Whilst they have a reputation for being notoriously difficult, spinning classes provide an intense workout in a relatively short space of time. If you’re looking to save time whilst keeping fit, attending spin class on your lunchbreak might be the perfect way to keep in shape. For those of you not familiar with what a spin class entails, it is a high-intensity cycling workout that involves pedalling on a stationary machine. Sounds pretty easy, right? But when you throw in a heavy resistance, constant movement and of course a motivating, verging on intimidating, spin teacher who persistently instructs you to ‘PEDAL FASTER’ – things can get a little sweaty! Whilst this sounds like a thing of nightmares, by having the right pair of trainers, spin classes can feel a whole lot easier.

So, what should a suitable pair of ‘spinning’ trainers look like? Typically, spinning shoes should prevent your foot and ankle from moving too much, enabling your body to stay more easily aligned. Because your feet will be working so hard, it is inevitable that they will get hot pretty quickly. Therefore, shoes which are made of breathable material are essential to allow your feet some air during the session. This is why SKECHERS Flex Appeal 2 New Image Ladies Trainers in Navy are the perfect shoe if you’re looking to take part in spinning. With an air-cooled memory foam insole and lightweight rubber outsole, your feet with stay cool and comfy during the workout! The featured stretch cross straps are also a handy addition to the shoe, as unlike laces, the straps will not get cause in the pedals.

Skechers FLEX APPEAL 2 NEW IMAGE Ladies Trainers Navy

For men looking to take part in a spin class, why not opt for SKECHERS Flex Advantages 2.0 Mens Sports Fitness Trainers in Blue or Lime? Ideal for sporting activities, these trainers offer a 2-in-1 deal for your feet, keeping them cool, as well as fully cushioned. The best part of these nifty trainers is that they don’t look like they should be primarily used for sports. With their stylish design, the SKECHERS Flex Advantages can be pulled off outside of the gym too!

It goes without saying, stepping foot in the gym can be a pretty daunting experience. However, we hope that this guide will help to ease your ‘gym-jitters’ and enable you to get started with your fitness journey!


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