Sophisticated style, limitless luxury and unequivocally unique... Base London; A brand which prides itself not only through providing excellence within every pair, but also giving confidence to the man styling them. 

A range from casual to formal, boots to trainers, the brand has been developed over many years to bring you the most diverse collection of footwear for men. 

Having been establish since 1995, nearly 25 years, Base London has developed over this time to truly define themselves and understand who they are. Offering one of the most unique range's of footwear to the British male, they quickly became one of the market leaders. Known for being a quirky, not-to-serious brand, they successfully reflect this in their shoes from the daring colours used to the individual styles taken on. Base London continues to develop their range season upon season bringing only the freshest take upon British footwear. Incorporating quick moving fashion with the classics is something Base London have mastered, taking a traditional brogue and transforming it into a fashionable trainer with a twist. 

From using premium leathers to intricate brogue perforation, with any pair of Base London shoes, you can be assured that quality never falters. Every single detail is taken into thorough consideration, from the collections which the footwear sits in to the final product going on your feet, ensuring only the best range of shoes are presented to the public. Whether yours are taking you to the office or a night out, Base London's can accompany you to any occasion, making you the main attraction.