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Founded in 1853, Aigle has been perfecting its rubber craft for over 160 years. When it comes to making their wellington boots, each pair is handmade individually with great care and attention. The boots are also rigorously quality tested, which guarantees that all of their products are durable and reliable. You can wear them for any activity, and they also look great too, making them your new go-to wellies.

Aigle was started by Hiram Hutchinson after he bought the patent for vulcanised rubber from Charles Goodyear. During this vulcanisation process, the rubber is heated with sulphur to make it more hard-wearing and sturdy. The brand produces a wide range of men's and women's wellies, so browse our range now and keep your feet protected all winter long.

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The secret to Aigle’s success has always been its craftsmanship and unique expertise. It is this expertise which has been passed down from generation to generation, to ensure that only the best boots make it out of the workshops. The brand employs 200 master craftsmen who produce nearly 4000 pairs of boots every day in France. These craftsmen have to train for 2 years, and they have to master an amazing 60 step production process before being fully qualified. Even then, each boot is still meticulously checked to ensure it is waterproof. Aigle is dedicated to using natural, organic materials, and it takes two kilograms of rubber to make one pair of boots. They spare no expense in satisfying their customer's needs, and this is why this brand is one-of-a-kind.

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Autumn/Winter 2018 sees the introduction of a great new range of men's and women's Aigle products. Women can keep their feet cosy on rainy days with the brand new Aigletine Fur wellies. These transform the classic Aigletine style just in time for winter, as they feature fur linings and Softex materials for faster drying wellies. They assert their individuality thanks to their riding shape and stylish Marine colourway, making them a must-have for your wardrobe. We've still kept some of the Spring/Summer core favourites too. Men can slip into the Benyl wellies, which feature a lightweight, comfy hunting boot design. The breathable Polymide linings are fast drying, and the Gomma Plus® natural rubber uppers are durable and waterproof. Aigle has made sure that these are comfy as well as practical, as they've included a foam insole for optimal cushioning. Whatever you are looking for from a wellington boot, Aigle is sure to have a pair that exceeds your expectations. Shop now to discover the range for yourself.